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About Us

Who are we?

The decision for management consultancy is a specialized company established in the year 2010 to provide the best consulting and training services according to the standards of quality and excellence.

Through its policy of providing the best, Al-Decision aspires to achieve a distinguished record of professional success, as it draws its strength from its employees, with world class expertise.

Decision aims to create a prosperous career development for different departments and institutions. Our services include providing best practices designed to support companies in achieving their goals and aspirations with all professionalism and responsibility, and that is within the scope of our competence.

Creating Value for Business

The business climate today requires a disciplined interpretation of the requirements of customers, coupled with the efficiency and effectiveness of operations with a safe and healthy work environment to meet these requirements. The quality of those services and the healthy and safe environment for your business is what leads you to products and services that have added value to meet the needs of customers We consider that administrative systems, quality systems, health and safety, and environmental management are more than just Peters certificates for customers that regular and effective application of these systems and considering them as tools for shaping processes and procedures to improve the perception of customers will lead to your support in improving your performance in the labor market.

10+ Years Experience of Consultancy

01. Our Mission

We at Decision Management Consultancy are a team that aspires to achieve the company's vision by providing integrated consulting services in business development, quality management, occupational health and safety management, in addition to environmental management systems, human resources and institutional excellence.

02. Our Vision

Establish a record of holidays as a leading institution in the world of consulting, training, solutions and management practices.

03. Values of Decision

Credibility, professionalism, excellence and quality, leadership.